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The Program is still in development and may have bugs. For support and questions visit the discord server!

If you want to use the offline version ask for help in the discord server. The online version requires OpenAI api key

Introducing InlinePro: Elevate Your Text Experience and Coding Mastery

Say hello to InlinePro, the game-changing app that redefines how you interact with text across your operating system. Whether you're writing notes, crafting code, or searching for information, InlinePro empowers you with intelligent features that enhance productivity and creativity.

Key Features:

  1. Chat GPT Integration:
    • Effortlessly incorporate Chat GPT into your daily workflow. Type a simple keyword like "/help" in your desired text/notes app or code editor, and let InlinePro connect you with Chat GPT. Receive real-time, context-aware answers, making your writing and coding experience seamless and efficient.
  2. Smart Suggestions:
    • Banish writer's block with InlinePro's intelligent suggestion engine. Predicting your next words based on your writing patterns, this feature offers smart suggestions, enhancing your writing flow and coding efficiency. Save time and express yourself with ease.
  3. Integrated Searcher Bar:
    • Access information without leaving your current application. InlinePro's integrated searcher bar, activated by a quick shortcut, allows you to ask questions and retrieve relevant answers from various sources. Streamline your information quest with this powerful, time-saving tool.
  4. Coding Assistance:
    • Take your coding skills to new heights with InlinePro. Get instant code samples, corrections, and answers to coding questions. Comment directly on your code in your favorite editor, making collaboration and learning a breeze. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced coder, InlinePro is your coding companion.

Why InlinePro?

  • Versatility for All Text Tasks: From writing notes to coding, InlinePro is your all-in-one solution for enhancing text-related tasks. Enjoy a versatile tool that adapts to your needs.
  • Efficiency Redefined: InlinePro accelerates your writing and coding process, providing instant access to information, code assistance, and intelligent suggestions. Maximize your efficiency and accomplish more in less time.
  • Instant Access to Information: The integrated searcher bar allows you to find answers across the web without leaving your current application, saving you valuable time and effort.
  • Customizable and User-Friendly: InlinePro is designed with you in mind. Tailor the app to your preferences and enjoy a seamless user experience that adapts to your unique needs.

Upgrade your text and coding experience with InlinePro. Download now and unlock a new level of efficiency, creativity, and coding!

How to use:

Start the program. Write "/help", than your question and submit via tab. Wait an the answer will be written right were you asked it.

Press "ctrl+space" to open the searchbar. Write your question and press tab. The answer will be shown under the searchbar

Press "ctrl+shift" to generate a suggestion. Use arrow keys to select and tab to insert

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